Sports Massage
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Sports Massage is a specialized form of Massage specifically geared towards athletes of any kind, from the World-Class professional to the weekend gym novice. Sports massage was specifically developed to prepare your body for optimal performance before, during and after an athletic activity, manipulating the soft tissue in order to prevent or improve sports injury. Sports Massage is usually given at 3 specific times; before a major event, to increase circulation, flexibility and mental clarity and to improve performance; in between workouts, to flush out toxins and take away aches and pain; after an event, to relax the muscles and speed up muscle recovery time. 

Sports Massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries in the muscles and tendons for athletes of all levels. It is also excellent for people with chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

Sports Massage has many benefits, predominantly catering to athletes of all kinds. Sports Massage helps increase range of motion, muscle mobility, increase circulation and help athletes remain soft, subtle and flexible. Sports Massage is to help muscles, tendons and joints to stay in optimum shape.