Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is an outcome-based massage, predominately the application of a specific treatment targeted to a specific problem the patient has been diagnosed with. Also known as clinical massage or treatment massage. Therapeutic Massage focuses on a specific medical diagnosis and can be recommended for a variety of ailments. This style of massage applies the various massage techniques already in practice to achieve several medical goals. One of the differences between a regular spa massage and a Therapeutic massage is the frequency of your massage visits. There is usually a targeted plan during the treatment with a specific goal based around a health outcome thus requiring a series of timed visits versus an isolated spa visit.

Therapeutic Massage has many health benefits, whether you are dealing with a specific injury, or have a certain medical condition, a massage by a trained professional can improve your health in numerous ways. This type of massage is great for stress relief, pain relief, reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, improving digestion, increasing sense of calmness, helping treat specific injuries, improving posture and alleviating heachaches.